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Visual Foxpro to Visual Studio ASP.NET

Does your business currently rely on FoxPro applications?

FoxPro and Visual FoxPro are widely used development languages on which numerous mission critical business applications were developed. However, Microsoft has announced the end of life for these tools. VFP 9.0 is the last version to be released. As of 2015, Microsoft will no longer support VFP. Microsoft has instead, redirected its development efforts to SQL Server and .NET Framework.

How will FoxPro's end of life affect your business?

Current applications on your current hardware will of course continue to function. However, VFP developers will become scarce commodities and potentially very costly. Additionally, hardware and business needs will continually evolve. VFP is designed for 32 bit, desktop environments. Businesses are rapidly moving to web based and mobile applications. VFP can no longer provide the capability for your applications to change with your future business.

What makes .NET Framework a good choice for existing VFP applications?

The .NET Framework supports multiple object oriented and scripting programming languages, and their interoperability. It works especially well with Microsoft Visual Studio’s integrated development environment and Microsoft SQL Server. VFP’s own relational database ports extremely well to SQL Server. However, converting VFP applications to new languages in the .NET Framework requires considerably more effort and expertise. You need an experienced migration team, knowledgeable of both environments to make the transition just as straightforward.

Why chose Shiva Infotech for your VFP to .NET conversion?

Shiva Infotech is uniquely positioned to accomplish this project for your business as it employs an excellent cadre of developers experienced in both FoxPro and the .NET environment. Shiva Infotech has a long list of clients for whom they have developed and supported FoxPro, Visual FoxPro, dBase and Visual dBase applications. Equally strong, is the list of clients for whom Shiva Infotech has developed applications in the .NET Framework utilizing Visual Studio, SQL Server, Access and Oracle. Visual Studio .NET has a pretty steep learning curve and conversion to it can be a significant undertaking. Shiva Infotech’s team of software engineers has been successfully developing in this environment for years as a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner.

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