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Turbo-EXIM : Export & Import Management System

Specially designed for Importers & Distributors
System to manage operations of Importers & Distributors with the facility to print, paste, scan barcode labels & easy purchase, sales, stock management; also generates product slide shows, Photo Offer Catalog, dynamic query system, analysis reports on purchase, sales and stocks.
  • Product Slide Shows in different formats
  • Generates Product Photo Offers / Catalog at short notice
  • Powerful Item Query module with Multiple Search Parameters
  • Item Barcode Label Generation in different formats & content
  • Generates Quote/ Proforma by scanning Item Barcode Labels
  • Tracks Buyer’s Quote History
  • Import & Generate Barcode Labels
  • Tracks Purchase History

    Salient Features
  • User friendly interface
  • Maintain Item Master & Photo Gallery with detailed information
  • Auto conversion of different currencies in Price List
  • Auto conversion of Dimensions of Item, Inner &
    Master Case between Inchs & Cms
  • Auto calculation of CBM, CFT, Container wise capacity
  • Compatible with wired Scanner/Terminal-Data
    Capturing Unit
  • Compatible with Turbo-EMS & Turbo-PMS®
  • Wholesale & Retail Invoices by scanning
    Item  Barcode Labels
  • Track Sales History
  • Buyer Mailing Labels in different formats
  • Maintain Stock Ledger/Status & Reorder Level 

  • Reports on Marketing, Purchase, Sales, Stock
  • Fast & Slow Moving Items

 Data Export/Import 
  • Synchronization with Turbo-PMS® & Turbo-EMS®

Turbo-EMS® & Turbo-PMS® are Copyright & Registered Trademark products of Shiva Infotech