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Payment Gateway Integration

Today the Internet is a huge market potentially capable of covering the population of the whole world. This is why electronic commerce i.e. E-Commerce is so attractive for many traditional businesses.

The amount of trade conducted electronically has grown dramatically since the large introduction of the Internet. Since mid 1990 traditional traders followed large Computer Manufacturers into the new sphere and today you can buy practically anything through the Internet: from a bunch of flowers to a car. The only exception seems to be a trip to Mars.

The E-commerce market is totally democratic. This is perfect capitalism: if you sell you win, if you don’t sell you lose.

As India grows, more people are expected to enter the online market with access to easy and cheap internet services. With fast paced penetration of credit card, India is on the poised to be one of the most envied nations in the technology of e-commerce era. One cannot afford to miss participating in this growing industry. Such inclusive growth opportunity is available once in a lifetime.

E-Billing Solutions (Shiva Infotech) provides a consultative approach to Indian Merchants for facilitating suitable online payment solutions and benefit from the exponential growth witnessed in E-commerce.

Shiva Infotech launches TranSafe, an all together a new foundation for the merchants looking to exploit the benefits in the e-commerce growth and generate profits through the global channel. An modernization for merchants who are looking to place themselves on the global map where the business never perishes. Brick and Mortar method is now converted to online market much easier & convenient through TranSafe.

Shiva Infotech is a pioneer to associate with multiple acquiring Banks for providing Payment Gateway services to offer Master, Visa, Diners, Netbanking & Cash Card brands on a single platform. Our offices are spread out in the Metros of Mumbai, Hyderabad & Chennai and a network of associates span across the country, for easy reach and to provide personal attention, service and consultation.

These achievements makes us one of the most secured online service providers in the world. As Shiva Infotech priority has been always safeguarding the interest of both the merchant as well as its clients, we are constantly updating our technologies to ensure better security standards for our business.

Our systems make available sophisticated technologies to Indian Merchants through a user friendly console, integrated with multiple online payment acquiring options on a single platform. The platform independent systems provide a cost effective solution without further infrastructure or skilled manpower, otherwise not available with Indian Merchants, to explore the online space.

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